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As I got older, I just became resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to eat without feeling bloated and miserable, especially when I ate beef.  I was resigned to the fact that I would be tired, suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) all winter, and on an antianxiety medicine that made me dizzy when I missed one day…for the rest of my life!  And the brain fog, ughhh.  I seriously couldn’t think clearly, or even remember my children’s names, when I was LOOKING right at them! And the migraines every time the weather changed.  Don’t even get me started.  This is just what getting older is like, right?  

And it just got worse as I got older.  I thought I was doing a good job by keeping toxic cleaners, perfumes, and candles out of my home.  And in that case I was, but my brain, gut, and energy were still a problem.  And then I moved to Oregon, with even less sunny days than where I was in Idaho.  I seriously wondered if I was going to have to find another job…again, and move…again.  Because hello SAD, and rain, so hello migraines, no sun and Vitamin D, and hello lack of energy.  
In all honesty, I’ve been using good products for my home and on my body for years.  But I really wasn’t too consistent on what I took IN my body.   I knew I needed a change.  So, I did some research and found the combination of supplements that would support my body and I made a commitment to be consistent.  

I can’t believe the difference now.  I have energy again, even here in rainy Oregon.  I don’t suffer from SAD, and yes, even I am surprised.  Sure, I wish for sunny days, but I can handle when it isn’t and not want to just stay home and sleep.  Oh, and Hello Steak – I’ve missed you 😊. My digestive system is better and that helps with the foods I can eat, but it is also helping with the brain fog, too.   And the energy levels?  Well, I have so much energy that if I forget to take my supplements I can’t take a few of them after Noon or else I’ll be up all night – with no caffeine.  Oh, and that anxiety medicine?  Yeah, I weaned myself off of it (that’s a whole story on its own) with the blessing of my doctor and I’ll never go back.  I now know natural ways to deal with the things that caused me to need it in the first place and I have all the resources I need.  

Now, I want to help others find their way out of the fog.  I want to help them find a way to eat the foods they love, and get off the medications that in many cases, were never intended for long-term use.  
Come join a group of like-minded men and women who are making positive changes for themselves, their families, and their environments and learn how you can get that for yourself and those you love, too.

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